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The Snowbirds Partner in Flight!


The real estate offered by EZ Comfort is available through four different contract options: 1) as a resale purchase, 2) a custom build, 3) as a lease, or 4) as a lease to purchase. The lease option may be attractive to snowbirds and part-timers who don’t want to put down a lot of money or only want the property for a short-term duration. We make the process as stress- and hassle-free so all you have to worry about is packing your bags for a year, a season, or whatever duration is needed.

The EZ Comfort leasing option is made possible because the properties are financed through our EZ MVP Investor Program, which will purchase properties for leasing. Individuals looking for short-term, part-time, or live-in-it-before-you-buy-it housing, who may not have a credit history, are able to lease without going through traditional means. Ability to pay the deposit and proof of income to make the monthly lease payments is all that is needed.

For investors, this program is a unique real estate investment opportunity because the properties are made available for lease and investors share in the revenue. Please see the Investor Page for more information.

EZ Comfort also offers turn-key services such as meal, cleaning, and transportation services, among others.

Property Types




Custom Builds

The following two pages showcase a couple of the possibilities we offer. We also have property and land available in many locations throughout the country, including a hilltop lot in the beautiful countryside of Virginia with views of the District of Columbia, a stunning lot in breathtaking Colorado overlooking a large recreational lake, a small lot in an active adult community with a golf course, clubs, beach and fishing access, and much more in Florida’s space coast, among others.
After the showcase pages, you will find information regarding our real estate investor program.