Hassle-Free, Short-Term Housing for the

Deaf and Hard of Hearing



Hassle-Free Leasing

      • $150,000 license fee
      • $2,000+ monthly payment
      • An experience, not a commitment
      • Hassle-free
      • No liability
      • No mortgage or financing required
      • No lengthy application process
      • No credit history or credit score required
      • No references needed
      • No lengthy contract, short-term leasing
      • Just walk away when your lease is up

Short-Term Leasing

      • 19 months to 49 months
      • Looking for an experience in a new place?
      • Experience a house dedicated to the deaf and HoH
      • Going through a life transition and need a place to figure out the next chapter in your life?
      • Do you want to give an area a trial run before making a real estate purchase?
      • Will your child be going away to college and want them to live in a “home away from home?”
      • Want to live in the burbs just while the kids are babies?


Features dedicated to the deaf and hard of hearing:

  • Open Floor Plans/Sightlines
  • Bright Lighting and Glare Reduction Options
  • Lower 8′ Ceilings with Foam Tiles
  • Carpeting and Fabric Wall Panels/Heavy Draperies for Sound Absorption and Vibration and Echo Reduction
  • Wide Hallways
  • Smart Home/Technology for the Deaf and HoH
    • Video Doorbell
    • Smoke Detector and Carbon Dioxide Vibration System
    • Strobe Light/Security System 
    • Spring-loaded Water Handles

Available Lots:

  • Florida’s Space Coast, in Barefoot Bay
  • County Club Village, Missouri
  • And more, inquire about lots in your area


Alan Hui

Email: alan.9876@yahoo.com

Phone: 510.396.3222